Inspired by @brightlyanna
  1. The 'conversation'
    Why are we so boring? Am I boring? Yeah, I think you're boring sometimes. Or worse 😶
  2. Talking at that crucial moment when making a play on Madden.
    As I'm yammering away, I glance at the TV screen, hear the furious clicking sounds and realize I just messed up his play.
  3. Walk in front of the TV right as he needs to see it
    Damn Madden again. Screw you PlayStation.
  4. I forgot something, right as we're leaving and he just set the alarm.
    Usually my phone's on the charger, sometimes bringing my water or one last pee
  5. Making him sweep up the last line of dirt left by the dustpan.
    Giphy downsized medium
    I think this is when he secretly hates my guts. But really, come on. It only takes one more second.
  6. He has to wait for me to take a picture.
    Every outing, many, many times. (I try to take them on the fly but then they're crap so why waste battery?) He never gets mad tho.
  7. Reading until 3AM
    If I had a dollar for every time he 'asked' me to turn off the light 💰
  8. I make him go see girl singer/songwriters he has NO interest in.
    Aimee Mann 3 times, Lisa Loeb once, Colbie Caillat once. He didn't mind that one. Click click click.
  9. Took me to a PostSecret event.
    He's not a fan but I loved it. Thank you sweetie. We can have pay-back-sex later. PostSecret Trivia-by far the most reported secret sent in is about peeing in the shower 🤔
  10. Make him go on 'it's a small world' ride at Disneyland.
    He hates it. Did you think I was going to say he secretly likes it? No he really hates it but making him go builds character
  11. He still loves me in spite of my faults.
    So annoying!!