Since list appears to be dying on the vine I'm going to just go ahead and do the lists I want to do.
  1. Shopping
    I'm a hunter. I know what I want, buy it and get out.
  2. Fart jokes.
    Never fails to crack me up.
  3. The League
    Disgustingly hilarious.
  4. Feed me. Now.
    Burgers, tacos and corn dogs. Preferably from the gas station deli.
  5. Car talk.
    Not make and model but mileage, cylinders and horsepower.
  6. Ridiculous sex talk.
    Only with close friends and when intoxicated. If my husband looks shocked, I know I've gone too far. Tho @Dashelamet & @nikkilounoel know I don't like reading about it on a public forum. 😉
  7. Hiking prowess.
    Backpacking braggadocio.
  8. Have my own tools.
    And please use the pristine ones in your toolbox.
  9. Perfume. No.
    Coconut body butter only.
  10. Firm handshake.
    Eye contact.
  11. But still, I love clothes and shoes and makeup.
    Call me a metrosexual feminist.