I found this super cool person on li.st who might actually be me. Just living in another town 😎
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    Meet my li.st twin, Jana
    You might know her as @cvlop61 You've likely read her lists. They're funny and serious, 😎 and 😜, smart and relevant. She's so thoughtful. So generous. I think she's pretty amazing.
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    Before the li.st update, we used List Requests to πŸ—£
    We shared something important during these short chats. Something we have in common, I still have not shared with anyone else on li.st. Self preservation, to quote Love Actually. Nice segue. πŸ˜‰
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    We discovered how much we had in common
    when direct messages led from one discussion to another. Here's a li.st that made me say, yes, uh huh, right, that's SO me, omg. Things that make my life better
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    Old movies πŸŽ₯
    She knew and loved SO many that are personal favorites. I remember one of the first lists where we wrote back and forth in the comments. It's really fun when you find someone who has similar sensibilities. MOVIES MY GRANDMOTHER INTRODUCED TO ME GROWING UP.
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    Food Favorites πŸ’₯
    I could list all the foods we both adore, like dark chocolate, good coffee, Mexican food, etc. but when our Thanksgiving menu was EXACTLY the same...😱 (We even have the same stove)
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    And this one!
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    We're not clones though.
    We've talked about this. We had so much in common, I was fearful of the day we would disagree. Guess what? She posted this li.st CURRENTLY [fifth edition] with this quote ❀️
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    So what's next??
    An in-real-life li.st meet up. (Tho we haven't figured out exactly when yet) But when it's time to meet your twin, it's good when they're only 2 1/2 hours away πŸš—πŸ’¨
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    Then there's this
    Jana @cvlop61 took a picture of a cat that looked like hers when she vacationed in Italy this year.
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    Her cat 🐱
    Quite the resemblance @cvlop61 !
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    I took a similar picture
    of a cat that looked like mine on my vacation to Paris in 2012 😳 Maybe this is common but I've never heard of it.
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    My cat 🐱 looked like his Paris twin
    My cat in 2012 anyway RIP πŸ™πŸΌ
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    Tonight's discovery-Cookbooks
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    Merry Christmas, Twin! πŸŽ„
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    Morning Glory Muffins
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    I also make a Morning Glory Muffins recipe.
    Mine is missing apples 🍎 Never expected this li.st to be ongoing but here it is.