1. We'll build a wall and make Oregon, Nevada and Arizona pay for it.
  2. Just say no to Civil War.
    Been there, done that.
  3. Really just planning ahead for eventuality of California being an island anyway.
    Earthquakes and San Andreas collaboration.
  4. Proof California is as weird as everyone said it is.
    Whatever man.
  5. Berkeley can remain in the bubble it's been in since the 60s.
  6. We get to harness the sun & sell it to the other 49.
    Annoying global warming thing is ruining that enterprise.
  7. Keeping the movie people to our selves.
    Except for Clint Eastwood. You can have him.
  8. LAX can remain @bjnovak's favorite airport and it can be expanded to its own city.
  9. West Covina to be the new state capitol.
    30 min from the airport or closer if LAX incorporates. You know it's only two hours from the beach. Righhhhht.
  10. Nevada can have Death Valley in exchange for all the water from the Colorado river.
    Think they'll go for it?
  11. SF 49ers will become SF One.
    We're keeping the red and ditto the gold.
  12. Coachella Festival can charge out-of-state college students more to attend.
    Sorta like non resident tuition but no math. And free admittance for Kylie or Kendall doppelgängers.
  13. Disneyland can finally manage peak days by limiting nonresident entrance.
    Y'all have 18 Six Flags around the country. Go to one of them.
  14. Jerry Brown for Secretary of Transportation in our new cabinet.
    Getting the California High-Speed Rail approved and completed. 405 you can suck it and all your broken down, smog generating tributaries. 🖕🏼
  15. Finally, Hillary Clinton gets to be POTUSOC
    55 electoral votes & Clinton's popular vote win came entirely from California so we won't even need another election.
  16. And one more thing, we're taking Baja with us.
    Cabo Wabo baby.