Damn right.
  1. Amazing how I let him slide on helping out with chores.
  2. Amazing how I never complain about how much time he spends golfing. ⛳️
  3. Amazing how I never raise an eyebrow over how much musical paraphernalia he owns and continues to buy.
    6 guitars, 1 bass, 4 amps, 3 🎤, 1 music stand, 14 sampler CDs, 700 guitar picks (all clanking around in the dryer) ....
  4. Amazing how good a cook I am.
    BBQ ribs. Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Japanese full course meals. Cookies, cakes, candy and pies. Soups and salads. Good eating at this house.
  5. Amazing how I never complain about how much time he wastes playing video games. 🎮
    Did I say waste? I meant enjoys.
  6. Amazing I don't get mad when he's lost his 3rd coat this year.
    He did find one of them after 3 months.
  7. Amazing how I've been cutting his hair for 20 years. 💇🏻‍♂️
    Never had a lesson and this is before you could figure out how to do anything from YouTube.
  8. Amazing that I don't make him go to the beach, river or pool. 🙁
    I like water, him not so much. Maybe I should, he's got serious golfer tan 😁
  9. Amazing how I never fuss about how much sports he watches. 🏀🏈⚾️⛳️
    At least he doesn't watch soccer ⚽️
  10. Amazing that I don't make him listen to David Sedaris audiobooks anymore.
    Wondering if he secretly misses him tho
  11. Amazing navigator.
    More like a backseat driver but I'm in charge of the Google map. Sometimes I even drive 😉
  12. Amazing cause I'm f#%@ing hilarious.
    And myriad skills too numerous and personal to mention. 😎
  13. Amazing cause I introduced him to a Laker fan lister
    When you make/coerce your spouse into meeting strangers in another state, you gets points when he finds someone to talk sports with @aus10
  14. 🏅
    Yes, I'm Wonder Woman.