June 7, 2016 And we're off to the races
  1. Arrive at 6:00 AM Election Day.
    Go over the assignments, hang the flag, plug in the ePoll book and hope you retain some of what you learned in class. Post sign in booth that says you have 10 minutes to place your bets...I mean your votes.
  2. Name tag, Poll Worker pin and Yes, I Voted too!!
    Election official sounds a bit pretentious
  3. Two 'voters' screaming "THIS IS BULLSHIT" at me
    If you chose to Vote by Mail and don't have your VBM ballot with, you MUST vote provisional to prevent double votes. We're volunteering here people...yelling at us won't help.
  4. Met some really cool poll workers!
    1) Former Peace Corps volunteer (Micronesia) who just graduated with his Masters going to Tajikistan to be an ESL teacher 2) Guy back from living a year in Paris (also a teacher) 3) Current Humboldt State student 4) A retired corporate analyst 5) Retired resources teacher 6) Guy wearing a Rainbow Trout belt who works at CA Dept. of Fish & Game who was also the funniest, nerdiest and smartest person in the group & 6) the 4 others who kept to themselves.
  5. Four precincts in one small elementary school cafeteria is too many.
    This is one reason the line gets SO long!! Not enough poll workers (again, we are volunteers so maybe some of you complaining about the line should STEP UP NEXT ELECTION) 😁
  6. The First Timers
    Whether the newbies were Feelin' the Bern, Taken the Hill pill or Making America Great Again, Trump style, I can't be sure. But they took the steps to participate in a privilege not all people are allowed.
  7. Feeling like this was a Norman Rockwell moment.
    All ages, all races. Medical workers in scrubs, from the VA clinic, guys from public works who came in dirty and sweaty, people who brought their children so they could see the process. Lines of voters right up until 8PM. I can already see the random smirks some of you might have. Oh well.
  8. Long day, time to pack up the ballots.
    Ballots are matched to the electronic tape to guarantee they're all submitted. Then locked up, in DOUBLE CUSTODY, taken to the county data center to be counted. Our job is done. Home at 10:30, a 16+ hour day.
  9. Before I went to sleep, the nominees were Hillary and the Donald
    Bernie vows to stay in race till the convention. This is getting interesting
  10. Postscript:
    Received this yesterday along with the $111 earned for being a Precinct Worker in the General Election. My candidate may have lost but we won for Best Indoor Décor. Hilarious 😂