Inspired by @anuhea Life is short-eat dessert first 🍰. In this scenario VERY short.
  1. German Chocolate Cake
    Duncan Hines mix and canned coconut-pecan frosting. If it's my last day, I'm eating the whole cake myself. Come to momma...
  2. Tacos from a food truck
    Probably my luck, they're out of tortillas...I feel you Dev
  3. Trio of grilled cheese sandwiches
    Cheddar on sourdough, pepper jack on sourdough and Muenster on yes, sourdough. Bingo
  4. Soft shell crab sushi
    Or Smoked tuna, California roll or actually any would be fine (I'm already kinda full from the entire cake I've just eaten)
  5. Baskin Robbins ice cream
    A scoop of chocolate chip (theirs is by FAR the best-almost shavings, a subtle mix of chocolate & vanilla ice cream) and maybe a bit of Jamoca Almond fudge as a chaser.
  6. Wash it all down with a beer
    Not with the sweets, though. That's just weird.