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  1. What if people with schizophrenia are actually people who talking to their subcaucious
  2. What if we just want to brand something to look cooler regaurdless of how lame and nerdy it is?
  3. That electronic scooter looks like a nerd inventor who only changed his wardrobe to look cool after he got famous.
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I'm starting to take this cooking thing seriously:
  1. Spare Short Ribs + White Rice + Zucchini
  2. Tomato Tart
  3. Greek Pita Pockets
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  1. This is how I look at most people. It's not personal, I promise.
  2. This too, and it is personal at that point.
  3. And if you cross me...
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  1. Open a coffee shop... I've always wanted to be a barista.
Things I don't mind admitting
  1. Eating cold, canned beef of ravioli
  2. Only eating pepperonis off the pizza and not the pizza itself.
  3. Starring at other peoples asses and being jealous of their bubble butt
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