1. What if people with schizophrenia are actually people who talking to their subcaucious
  2. What if we just want to brand something to look cooler regaurdless of how lame and nerdy it is?
  3. That electronic scooter looks like a nerd inventor who only changed his wardrobe to look cool after he got famous.
  4. Why doesn't art want to watch lifestyle of rich and famous
  5. What if homeless people's rants are actually intellectual concepts that make sense but we ignore them because they're homeless.
  6. Why are little people only friends with little people on reality tv shows?
  7. Why does Rachel Ray have a dog food brand
  8. This reality tv is so scripted I seriously thought I was watching a movie for 10 minutes.
  9. Does this reality show know an autistic guy was on their show because he's obsessed with antiques?! American restoration!!
  10. Why do we obsess over ad endorsements from celebrities, what makes them so trustworthy?
  11. Why is Zoey gagging is she going to throw up on me!!!??!
  12. My hands are so 3D right now I feel like I'm small and in a small house that looked like my aunts because maybe I feel like we're going to end up living like her!??
  13. Why does everyone have a fucking reality show!?! I can have my own just sitting on the coaching doing nothing!!
  14. We buy things to sell things, so what makes us think we can sell old products for a higher price to make money, the market changes and fluctuation happens.
  15. People who keep family heirlooms are obsessed with their family and dead grand families they don't know how to let go!
  16. People who don't normally negotiate, try to the first round and give up after a rejection, and never try again.
  17. Systems like Uber, Philz and Postmates control the market availability, they work when they're available not when they're required, give giving them free time when they please. Like only work when you're free.
  18. Do antiques buy from each other?
  19. Creepy single uncles are the worst
  20. Why didn't whole foods bring me chicken taquitos!?
  21. Corporate companies buy iconic items of their industry from mom and pop shops!
  22. I ordered 2 pints of ice cream
  23. Do people buy antiques to connect with the past owners in a spiritual way?
  24. Welders have project mangers
  25. What or who are the Shriners, from Isreal but you have to be a Mason, the fraternity