Learning a second language is difficult no matter what, but doesn't it seem like ESL comes with a whole slew of different ways to trip you up?
  1. As I brush up on my French and become increasingly frustrated with little rules like these in the language, it made me aware of what ESL learners must find difficult about the English language.
  2. Silent letters everywhere
    Knife? Gnarly?? Enough???
  3. Suffixes like "ough" can be pronounced many different ways
    AKA, enough or dough
  4. Silly words like "emoji", "twerk" and "derp" are literally in the dictionary
  5. Sometimes one word can have different tenses, look the same, but be pronounced differently
    Read vs. Read
  6. Sometimes they can look the same and have entirely differently meanings and pronunciations
    Windy vs. Windy
  7. Words like dessert/desert or loose/lose are always trying to trick us!
  8. I before E, except after C is a lie
    See: weird
  9. Pluralizing can be a nightmare
    Moose -> moose , goose -> geese, mouse -> mice
  10. Irregular verbs
  11. They're/their/there, too/to/two, etc.