And, in my opinion, their must reads. Some new, some old, all incredible.
  1. Lucy Maud Montgomery
    Must read: Emily of New Moon (for kids) and The Blue Castle (for adults). I can't stress enough how important I think it is for kids to read L.M. Montgomery. Canadian or not!
  2. Margaret Atwood
    Must read: Alias Grace and (shocker) The Handmaid's Tale. If I had to pick any Canadian author to read for the rest of my life, it's Atwood. So clever, so brilliant.
  3. Lawrence Hill
    Must read: The Book of Negroes and Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada. Essays, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs; Hill has done it all.
  4. Michael Ondaatje
    Must read: Anil's Ghost (but best known for The English Patient).
  5. Alice Munro
    Must Read: Hateship, Loveship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage (best known for Lives of Girls and Women). I can't think of a prize this woman hasn't won for her short stories.
  6. Miriam Toews
    Must Read: A Complicated Kindness. I read this at the same age as the novel's lead, Nomi. I couldn't relate to her in the slightest, but sometimes that contrast between yourself and another is enough to help you grow up a little bit.
  7. Farley Mowat
    Must read: Owls in the Family (for kids/teens) and The Boat who Wouldn't Float (for adults). Owls in the Family played a huge role in my childhood. It will make your kids beg you for an owl (and might just make you want one too😉).
  8. Jean Little
    Must Read: The Belonging Place (for kids, but really anyone). I was about 9 when I first picked up this book and it gave me my first insight into the journey of immigrants in Canada.
  9. Robert Munsch
    Must Read: Honestly just buy them all for your kiddos. Some of my greatest memories of my parents are their animated reads of Munsch's books. "Love you Forever" is likely his best known, but there are dozens of other gems he penned.
  10. Susan Juby
    Must Read: Alice, I Think. Great YA series.
  11. W.O. Mitchell
    Must Read: Who Has Seen the Wind. I was originally told I had to read it, but I didn't really enjoy it until I picked it up on my own.
  12. Leonard Cohen
    Must Read: Beautiful Losers. Obviously not taking into account his poems and lyrics.
  13. Yann Martel
    Must Read: The Life of Pi and What is Stephen Harper Reading? A one-sided correspondence with our former PM about what he should take away from classic novels in their fictionalized book club is the best idea I've ever heard for a novel.
  14. Heather O'Neil
    Must Read: Lullabies for Little Criminals. The only one of O'Neill's books I've read and it broke me. It's a wonderful, but hard read.
  15. Ann-Marie MacDonald
    Must Read: Fall on Your Knees
  16. David Adams Richards
    Must Read: Mercy Among the Children💔
  17. Emma Donoghue
    Must Read: Room. This is the only Donoghue work I've read, but I plan on binge-reading her ASAP.
  18. Linden MacIntyre
    Must Read: The Bishop's Man. Greatly respected by my favourite professor in journalism school, so I gave it a try. SO GLAD I DID.
  19. Pierre Trudeau
    Must Read: Memoirs. This man though.
  20. Carol Shields
    Must read: The Stone Diaries. Won the Pulitzer Prize!
  21. Chevy Stevens
    Must Read: That Night. My favourite Canadian thriller-mystery writer and this one certainly brings the thrills!
  22. A.S.A Harrison
    Must Read: The Silent Wife. Harrison's novel is almost on par with Stevens'. So, so good.
  23. Timothy Findley
    Must Read: I can't pick, read them all.
  24. Nahlah Ayed/Peter Mansbridge
    My favourite Canadian journalist memoirs.
  25. There are a million more.
  26. I could go on forever.
  27. 🇨🇦