The ultimate flashback Friday for Canadians in their twenties 💕CBC, CTV, YTV, Global💕 In the chronological order I remember, but what may not actually be chronological
  1. Poor photo quality alert ahead - we're going back in time!
  2. Rupert
    Rupert Bear always made me happy
  3. Babar
    The first time I remember disliking anything, real or fictional.
  4. Mr. Dressup
    I felt my childhood slip away a little more when I heard Ernie Coombs had died. I always wanted to see the tickle trunk IRL. I wonder where it is now.
  5. Fred Penner's Place
    He visited my university once. We all got drunk and listened to him in concert. It was the most trippy and surreal experience of my life.
  6. The Friendly Giant
    My mom's favourite show as a kid. I'm still unclear as to whether I was watching it on tv or videotapes of hers?
  7. The Big Comfy Couch
    I named my puppy Molly!
  8. The Raccoons
    Entertaining, but made a very young me deathly afraid of deforestation
  9. Fraggle Rock
    Not just Canadian, but appeared on CBC
  10. The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon
    I didn't like this either, but know for sure I watched it all
  11. Theodore Tugboat
    The photo you see here is of Theodore Tugboat docked on the waterfront of the city I live in. We take him seriously here.
  12. OWL TV
    Legitimately educational
  13. Nanook
    My first experience learning about the Canadian Arctic
  14. Telefrancais
    The one every French immersion student has seen - Ananas the talking pineapple tried his best to make French fun! Spoiler alert: he succeeds😉
  15. Are you afraid of the dark?
    Hated, but watched because my friends all loved it
  16. Goosebumps
    Pressured into this one too😖
  17. Breaker High
    Ryan Gosling is ours
  18. Popular Mechanics for Kids
    I hoped so hard that Elisha Cuthbert and Jay Baruchel were dating. Can anyone confirm or deny this ever happened?
  19. Degrassi
    The original with Joey, Snake and Spike
  20. Street Cents
    One of the best shows for young people to watch. I learned so much from this show.
  21. Jonovision
    Canadian talk show for teens. I crushed so hard on Jonathan Torrens
  22. Life with Derek
    I was too old for this one, but we watched the Family Channel a lot in res
  23. Naturally, Sadie
    Too old to watch this too
  24. All the other Degrassis
    Never too old. I watch it to this day and will watch forever.
  25. Did I forget any?