If you ever make your way to the East Coast of Canada, look me up and I will take you to every single one of these breweries.
  1. Welcome to the Maritimes, where beer cannot be pluralized ("Ugh, I can't believe I had 10 beer last night") and where we know our booze.
  2. Alexander Keith's Brewery
    #1 pick: Regular Keith's is the way to go here. You'll mostly just be drinking this to fit in with the locals anyway.
  3. Garrison Brewing Company
    #1 pick: There's a litre of Garrison Irish Red in my fridge right now. Best winter beer❄️
  4. Propeller Brewing Company
    #1 pick: Revolution Russian Imperial Stout. Oh my god. I'm not a huge stout fan and this is my favourite beer at the moment.
  5. Hell Bay Brewing Company
    #1 pick: Dark Cream Ale, whattup?
  6. Oland Brewery (shameless self publicity, read about the company's matriarch here http://backstorymagazine.ca/2015/11/the-brewmaster-housewife-how-one-woman-started-a-beer-empire-in-her-backyard/)
    #1 pick: Schooner Lager. It's entirely possible this choice was made for nostalgia's sake and the beer is terrible? Maritimers confirm?
  7. Picaroons Traditional Ales
    #1 pick: Yippee IPA came out the summer I was legally allowed to drink💕 Many, many delicious memories.
  8. Pump House Brewery
    #1 pick: Blueberry ale. These 4-packs are my greatest accessory to every summer patio party.
  9. Upstreet Craft Brewing
    Upstreet is brand new, so I don't have a ton of experience with them. Maybe @alys can help me out here?
  10. Gahan Brewery
    #1 pick: Sir John A's Honey Wheat Ale. My #1 of all #1s.
  11. Boxing Rock Brewing Company, ty @taylord
    #1 pick: Crafty Jack English Ale❤️
  12. UPDATE: Tried Rare Bird Craft Beer last night
    #1 pick (and only one I've ever tried): Red ale, very yum.