1. 11.
    Parks and Recreation: I'm okay with this, it seemed like they felt it was time.
    "You ready, babe?" - Ben "Yes, I'm ready." - Leslie
  2. 10.
    30 Rock: Couldn't have asked for anything better.
    "So the whole show just takes place here at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Is that right Ms. Lemon?" - Kenneth. "Yes sir, it's based on stories my great grandmother told me." - Liz's great granddaughter. "I know and I love it." - Kenneth
  3. 9.
    Rhoda: I was heartbroken as a kid during my initial viewing of this episode to learn the show was cancelled mid-season without ever receiving a proper ending.
    "That's it! I love Benny and I'm going to marry him!" - Brenda. "And who says romance has gone out of the movies?" - Rhoda
  4. 8.
    Freaks and Geeks: Though I'm desperately sad it ended before it really even began, this is my favourite unintentional series finale.
    "Hey mom... I'll see you soon." - Lindsay. "Okay hunny." - Jean. "I love you." - Lindsay. "I miss you already." - Jean
  5. 7.
    I Love Lucy: This is my favourite show, so I should have been a mess when it ended, but my mom assured me there were many Lucy specials to come. And there were!
    "Shoot if you must, this old redhead." - Lucy
  6. 6.
    Friends: One of the few of these I watched in real time with the rest of the world.
    "Okay, should we get some coffee?" - Rachel. "Sure, where?" - Chandler
  7. 5.
    The Office: The cutaways. Pam. The picture. A flood of tears.
    "There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn't that kind of the point?" - Pam
  8. 4.
    MASH: I may never recover.
    "I can't imagine what this place would have been like if I hadn't found you here. I'll see you back in the States, but just in case, I left you a note." - B.J.
  9. 3.
    The Wonder Years: I need a minute.
    "Hey, dad! Wanna play catch?" - Boy. "I'll be right there." - Kevin. But actually the whole final monologue💔 NOS.TAL.GIA.
  10. 2.
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Sobbing everywhere.
    "Sometimes I get concerned about being a career woman. I get to thinking my job is too important to me. And I tell myself that the people I work with are just the people I work with and not my family. Last night I got to thinking, what is a family anyway? They're just people who make you feel less alone and really loved. And that's what you've done for me. Thank you for being my family." - Mary. 🎶It's a long way to Tipperary
  11. 1.
    All in the Family: This is love❤️
    "You know something, Archie? You're a pip. A real pip." - Edith