Her best episodes:
  1. The episode in which Lucy and Ethel work my dream job and do so flawlessly
  2. The episode Lucy and Ethel attend charm school
  3. Vitameatavegamin FOR HEALTH. Absolutely, hands down the funniest drunk episode of anything
  4. But also the episode she's convinced Ricky is trying to murder her. So silly.
  5. The Christmas special
  6. The episode she tells Ricky she's pregnant and Ricky sings, "We're having a baby"
  7. Lucy and Ethel want to go out for a night on the town; Ricky and Fred want to go to the big fight. Madness ensues.
  8. All the episodes in Hollywood with famous and handsome movie stars, like Rock Hudson. This is Harpo Marx though.
  9. Really any episode she sings or dances
  10. Yes you are Lucy, yes you are.
  11. ❤️