Channeling these memories in order to do just that
  1. When my cat sometimes forgets to keep her tongue inside her mouth.
  2. When taking a super hot bath and I can see the steam rise from the water and my body. Comfy, cozy, happy.
  3. Surprise cupcakes
    Surprise wine. Surprise beer. (Surprise all food/candy/alcohol).
  4. Seeing my very small home province appear in national/international news.
  5. When I have time to read an entire book in one day.
    Also, a surprisingly good twist, enjoying a recommendation I wasn't expecting to like, or getting good reviews on a book I recommended to another.
  6. Getting out winter clothes and finding money in last year's coat.
  7. When I'm tipsy and decide to write something that I proceed to believe is brilliant for the next few hours.
    It never is, but for a few moments I'm always pleased with myself.
  8. The smell of a newly cleaned room/apartment.
  9. A super lazy, slightly hungover trip to the beach/waterfront/lake.
  10. Hearing a song, out of nowhere, that takes my brain to a happy memory.
  11. Speaking with someone I love and who loves me back.
    Most of the time, this is all it takes.