1. I'm 27 and my life dreams change weekly.
    I have a lot of things I want to accomplish, some on the back burner, many on the front, all more important than most other things in my life.
  2. I straight up just cannot sleep. It's awful, you'll hear about it a lot and you may hate me because of it.
    Sometimes I'll even get mad at you when you fall asleep and I can't! It's a fun thing I do!
  3. I put 12 cloves of garlic in everything.
  4. I will be annoyingly early to absolutely everything unless I have 1+ drinks in me then I will be two hours late.
  5. I will write about you. You will be a character in something. People may never see it, but I'll be offended if you're offended about this, even though that makes no sense (I KNOW).
  6. The amount of to-do lists in my apartment will swallow you whole.
    To READ, to COOK, to WATCH, to BUY, to WRITE, to REMEMBER, etc.
  7. Sometimes I think my problems are the most important in the world.
    Obviously I know this isn't true, I mean Trump could be president, but it's an annoying quirk I possess and you should be prepared.
  8. I fully expect to die by a fire the dozens of constantly lit candles at my place will ignite.
    Maybe you'll be here too!😃
  9. Let's date?