In honour of the big V day, here are few of my favourite love/body/sex-related stories and articles I came across this week.
  1. "Why I Broke Up With The Little Mermaid" by Jesse Eisenberg in The New Yorker
  2. "The Heart is Just a Pump" by Joaquin Palomino in The Verge
    A fascinating and heart-wrenching look into how artificial hearts could one day replace faulty biological ones.
  3. "The Singles Bars of the Sea" by Marah Hardt in The Atlantic
    The mating rituals of copepods seem eerily similar to mine?
  4. "For the Love of Mayonnaise" by Rick Bragg in Gourmet
  5. "Getting Married in One Week was the Most Romantic Thing I Ever Did" by Megan O'Connell in New York Magazine
  6. "Do Americans Say 'I Love You' Too Much?" by Uri Friedman in The Atlantic
    Americans apparently aren't very choosy with their "I love yous??" Can anyone confirm?
  7. "Valentine's Day Poems for Married People" by John Kenney in The New Yorker
  8. "Love, Additionally" by Natalie Zina Walschots in The Walrus
    Natalie recounts her experience of Valentine's Day as part of a polyamorous couple.
  9. "When a Magazine Only Wants You If You're Willing to Pose Nude" by Caitlin Stasey in Jezebel
  10. "Eileen Myles on the Excruciating Pain of Waiting for Love" by Eileen Myles in New York Magazine
    "It was October and we had still never spoken. That was the plan and I was okay with it."
  11. "What to Talk About on Valentine's Day? Splitting Up" by Melanie Patten in MacLean's
    There are likely other days (like any other day) to discuss these things, but still kinda interesting.
  12. "8 Chain Restaurants with Valentine's Day Deals" by Chris Morris in Fortune