@emilyMae9 and I sell you on being our friend. If you're not in Halifax, we can Skype interview you and move to where you are.
  1. For making really nice snow angels
  2. For fall beach days
  3. Look at the view you'll have if we are friends
  4. See? Beautiful.
  5. For our cats
  6. You'll love our cats
  7. You can join our cat crew
  8. We can introduce you to our friends who aren't our cats. Like this lobster.
  9. And this beaver.
  10. We can take you east coast drinking
  11. See.
  12. Bathroom selfies and all
  13. We pretend to be fancy, but there are gummy worms in those martinis🖖🏼
  14. We can teach you how to cowbell
  15. We are literally always singing
  16. We started a magazine
    Our first cover!!!!!!'
  17. This is our baby
  18. You really have to like cats, sorry
  19. Look how cool we are though
  20. We will make cute Halloween costumes with you
  21. We will teach you to make this face and wear hats and pull it off
  22. And we can even legally assist you with your literature or journalism needs!
  23. Apply within
  24. Seriously