Loosely inspired by a Jezebel article (linked below), which details the saga of a man who orchestrated a meet-cute with his now wife and she still has no idea. That happened for real. http://jezebel.com/why-are-we-still-so-obsessed-with-the-meet-cute-1731705980
  1. I saw many of the following movies and their corresponding meet-cutes in my formative teenage years.
  2. I, like many others, was lead to believe from movies like these that in order to find the love of my life I'd first have to be saved from a runaway train by said love of my life.
  3. Or be thrown out of a burning building set by my jealous ex-husband into the arms of the man of my dreams.
  4. Or wait 35 years after several encounters with this person before we came to our senses and realized we didn't actually hate each other, but were so in love, and how could we not have seen it earlier???
  5. These were the main offenders:
  6. Jonathan and Sara, Serendipity
    Those black cashmere gloves.
  7. Sam and Annie, Sleepless in Seattle
    Falling in love BEFORE the meet-cute!
  8. Will and Anna, Notting Hill
    A similar-ish meet-cute to Singin' in the Rain, which allowed me to believe a "regular" person could quite easily spill juice on a celebrity and fall in love.
  9. Iris and Arthur, The Holiday
    Though a romantic relationship does not follow this meet-cute, it is the most precious of any other in the movie.
  10. Amy and Aaron, Trainwreck
    Really any time a journalist finds love while writing an article, a la Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum in 'The Fly'. I still secretly (more than secretly) think this will happen to me.