@jennamarie you are lovely, what a wonderful request! I don't necessarily hear these all the time, but they're some that I remember most fondly.
  1. That my kitten is cute
    Not necessarily a compliment for me, but I gladly take it every time.
  2. That I'm a good writer
    An incredible compliment to receive is from the subject of an article who believes I captured them to a T. It feels really good.
  3. That I have nice lips
    I used to hate them, but have learned to apply lipstick and love their largeness.
  4. That I'm shy
    This is a compliment because I'm not actually shy, but tend to be quiet and observant. So I'm fooling everyone and I love that.
  5. That I'm nice
    I do hear this one quite often. I know it sounds generic and simple, but how is this not the best compliment?
  6. That my eyes are a weird colour
    I take this as a compliment because weird is wonderful✌🏼️
  7. That I smell good
    Can't beat this one.