I am both of them. And they're absolutely and infinitely opposites. What does that mean? Our similarities:
  1. I do NOT enjoy confrontation.
  2. Tendencies towards passive-aggression✔️
  3. I wear shiny clothes.
  4. I fall hard and fast...
  5. ... but am rarely certain about someone.
  6. I won't tell you how much I talk to my cat, lest I be judged.
  7. Ya-ya!🌸
  8. I feel like (I hope) I'm more self-aware, but this resonates.
  9. I can judge too much.
  10. Quick to panic.
  11. I give unwanted advice and I'm fully aware of that.
  12. Flighty.
  13. Passionate about my friends.
  14. Seriously, I rely on gal pals at all times.
  15. Karaoke is important to me.
  16. As a rule, I almost exclusively make poor decisions in my love life.
  17. I'm generally kind of grumpy👴🏼
  18. I've lived this relationship a hundred times from both sides.
  19. IMPORTANT CONCLUSION: This is where we all differ - I do not share my candy. Do not ask me to share my candy. Get your own candy.
  20. I feel like a lot of these are considered character flaws and I have two peoples' worth? Hmm.