1. I quit smoking almost three months ago.
  2. It was in large part due to the Smoke Free app (and a decent e-cig, which I rarely use now)
  3. I've noticed a couple of you listing about your struggle with quitting. It's so, so hard. I get it.
  4. So here's my plug for the app that kind of, maybe saved my life?
  5. Sidenote: I don't know if this is actually part of anyone's quitting ritual, or just a thing I see in movies, but I didn't dramatically throw out the rest of my last pack. I finished it aaaaalllllllllll. Quickly. And promptly felt like shit.
  6. First, you tell the app how many cigarettes you smoke a day, how much your regular pack costs and how many cigarettes are in the pack.
  7. You're given a few missions - the first being to choose your quit day.
    I didn't find I particularly needed this, but I can certainly see why they could help.
  8. It tricks you into thinking you're playing a game. I have 13/29 badges, yay!
  9. They give you cute little mantras and tips to get through the cravings. The terrible, terrible cravings.
  10. Speaking of cravings, you can track them easily with just the push of a button. Over time, you can see on a graph how your cravings have dissipated (I promise, they really do!)
  11. Alright, so health factors aside, this is a big reason for quitting. This is how much moolah I've saved so far...
  12. ... And how much I will eventually save a year. I can pay for rent TWICE with that!
  13. I cry a little bit seeing how many cigarettes I haven't smoked.
  14. This is my favourite feature. I check in sometimes just to be happy with myself.
  15. Yay!
  16. Yay!
  17. Yay!
  18. Getting there!
  19. It's a start!
  20. If you're trying to quit and haven't quite gotten there, don't worry. You will!
  21. What I finally realized after trying to quit only because I thought I should, is that I couldn't succeed until I wanted to. It took my 27th birthday and a pretty hefty quarter life crisis to realize it was time for me.
  22. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely still want to have a smoke sometimes. But I kind of want to win at this app more.
  23. I wish you all the luck when/if you decide it's your time to quit!