Fellow insomniacs - give this a shot!
  1. I've always had trouble sleeping and can often lie awake for hours in bed before my mind finally relaxes enough to drift off.
  2. This is something I've struggled with for years and tried everything I could to fix without medication.
  3. Until one day I heard about ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response)
  4. It's often described as a tingling sensation beginning in your scalp that is triggered by soft voices or by watching someone perform a menial task.
    It's like that feeling you get when someone brushes your hair or tickles your back, you know?
  5. So this feeling doesn't really happen for me, BUT I find it affects me in an even better way - it puts me to sleep!
    And if I'm having a particularly anxious day, it can sometimes aid in calming me down and relaxing my mind when it won't shut off.
  6. At first it seems strange, listening to fingernails tapping, pages turning or crinkling paper.
  7. And to some people it will probably remain strange.
  8. But for those of us lucky enough to reap the benefits of ASMR, it's most certainly a godsend.
  9. So if you have trouble sleeping, give ASMR videos a try and let me know how it goes💤😴
    I recommend WhispersRedASMR or GentleWhispering on YouTube.