Requested by @biz
Thanks @biz 🎉
  1. The hangnail scene in Black Swan
  2. Second-hand embarrassment
  3. Being in the middle of a row in a full movie theatre
    Must. Sit. On. The. End.
  4. When people who I've just met begin to immediately tell me intimate details of their lives
  5. First dates
  6. My newest habit of saying "Neat" constantly, out loud, in front of real breathing human beings
  8. Being stopped at a red light and the person in the car beside you keeps looking at you and you keep looking at them and the light feels like it's NEVER GOING TO TURN GREEN STOP LOOKING AT ME
  9. Serious conversations that will change my life from that moment on
  10. My #1: Scott's Tots
    Let's just never talk about it.