BECAUSE THEY'RE TOO SAD!!! *Contains spoilers; old spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless*
  1. Futurama dog episode
    Can't talk about it.
  2. The Office "Goodbye Michael"
    "Hey, will you guys let me know if this ever airs?" Ahhh.
  3. Parenthood
    I can't really even pinpoint an episode, but Kristina's arc with cancer was the most heartbreaking, sob-infested Netflix binge.
  4. The Scrubs when Brendan Fraser's character dies
    Rewatching this and knowing what happens is like punching yourself in the face.
  5. Jen in Dawson's Creek
  6. The Sybil episode of Downton Abbey
    ALSO HAD A BABY. Nope.
  7. The one with Marshall's dad in How I Met Your Mother
    Heart. And. Soul. Crushing.
  8. Cheers "Coach"
    Woody was a great replacement, but I always missed Coach.
  9. Grey's Anatomy
    Episodes 1-forever. I cry every time.
  10. Any episode of Scandal that talks about Jerry Grant Jr.
    Rowan is the worst.
  11. Most finale episodes
    I can never get over that these people spent the last few years of their lives together AND IT'S ALL OVER NOW. Golden Girls finale? UGH. Mr. Feeny, "Class dismissed?" Enough said.
  12. There are so many more, but I'm crying now so I have to stop.