Sorry this took so long @mchelle😬 Haligonians: feel free to weigh in with any other suggestions!
  1. Restaurants:
  2. Stubborn Goat
    Pro tip from @emilyMae9 - the bartenders are awesome and sometimes they'll mix beer for you!
  3. Bicycle Thief
    A bit pricy, but yummy!
  4. The Gahan House
    All the food and all the PEI beer.
  5. Economy Shoe Shop
    Get. The. Nachos.
  6. Evan's Seafood
    For the fish and chips.
  8. Bars:
    This part is very important. If I'm not mistaken, Halifax is in a battle with St. John's over who has the most bars per capita - you have many choices.
  9. Argyle
    If not for anything else than the rooftop patio.
  10. Durty Nelly's
    Where you're most likely to find me and @emilyMae9. Authentic Irish bar - it was literally brought over piece-by-piece from Ireland! (Yes, it was INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE)
  11. Alehouse
    Where you're second most likely to find me and @emilyMae9. Features lots of Rankin Family and career-bar-bands.
  12. Niche
    Not so much for the food, but for the drinks and atmosphere.
  13. The Beer Garden
    A Halifax staple!🍻
  14. *Steer clear of Cheers/The Dome IMO*
  15. Sight-seeing: Ferry
    A cheap way to get from Halifax to Dartmouth, without paying for a water tour like the Harbour Hopper. (The Harbour Hopper does give you lots of cool history though if you wanna splurge)
  16. Lawrencetown Beach/Peggy's Cove
    Peggy's Cove is a popular tourist must-see spot. If you want to avoid the masses, Lawrencetown is also beautiful, but without the crowds! It's also a great place to meet fun people!
  17. Citadel Hill/Maritime Museum or the Atlantic
    To get in some history, of course😉
  18. Seaport Farmer's Market/Alderney Landing Market
    I super recommend going early on Saturday, though it's there (but smaller) all week.
  19. Garrison Brewery
    Crucial. You can try my favourite beer: Garrison Irish Red. (Alexander Keith's Brewery Tour is neat too! The beer just isn't as yummy)
  20. Public Gardens
    So lovely - a beautiful park in the middle of the city. You can even feed the geese (I'm actually not sure if this is legal, but they always look hungry)
  21. Rollerblading on the oval
    A skating rink in the winter, for rollerblading in the summer. So much fun for dates!
  22. Point Pleasant Park
    It's like another world that's basically downtown - trails, beach, old-school forts on the water!
  23. Wine Bus Tour
    Depending on how long you're here, hop on a wine bus to the Valley and sample some of NS's best wine.
  24. Neptune Theatre
    I'm not sure what will be playing when you're here, but there's always something fun going down at this local theatre.
  25. Halifax Central Library
    I don't how you feel about books or architecture, but this place is so innovative and important. It's definitely worth popping in.
  26. If you have time and a way to get there, it's totally worth checking out Lunenburg, Sambro/Herring Cove, Cape Breton/Bay of Fundy (longer drive)
  27. And if you need a tour guide, hit me and @emilyMae9 up!😀
  28. I did the Citadel and the bridge to Dartmouth. What I went there for was cemetery visiting- Titanic victim graves. I'm surprised you didn't mention that. Next time I'm going for beer!
    Suggested by @reconditioner
  29. Maxwell's Plum
    A bar that has $3.99 breakfast on Saturdays that has 4 pieces of toast, 3 eggs, bacon, and fries. It's so delicious
    Suggested by @vmacies
  30. Split Crow
    On Saturdays they have power hour, where beer is dirt cheap and live music plays, it's really fun
    Suggested by @vmacies