But not just for the obvious reasons.
  1. There's a weird feeling in the air a few days a year, like everything is about to change.
  2. And it's here again!
  3. Those bad habits we all have? Here is a chance to get rid of one or two.
  4. Have something you've been dying to say to someone? Write it down, give them a call, TELL THEM!
  5. What about that dream you've been thinking about or the goal you've set? Stop thinking! Take the first step!
  6. Of course these are all things that could be accomplished any day.
  7. But the idea that millions of other people are also taking the first steps toward accomplishing a new resolution is so incredibly romantic.
  8. New Year's Eve has somehow become about a relationship had with another person.
  9. But what I've seen from everyone's lists of resolutions is that, at its core, it's a day for ourselves.
  10. I think it's something we all need.
  11. This yearly push to face our fears and make the changes we need to make.
  12. Who doesn't need a little help moving forward sometimes?
  13. For figuring out what's missing in our lives or what it's time to change.
  14. What's more romantic than a day like that?💞