questioning the sanity of those at airports
  1. That woman who wore 4-inch stilettos
    And then took them off for security.
  2. The people who let their children roll around on the floor
    DIRTY SHOES HAVE SET FOOT THERE. It is unsanitary.
  3. Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that there are 4 Tim Horton's in one tiny airport
    AND a Starbucks. The coffee obsession of the general population has gotten out of hand.
  4. The aging demographic
    Not to say I wasn't aware of it prior to today, but it was only at the airport that I realized just how many senior citizens there are. And how our economy is doomed. More so than it already is.
  5. The sound of suitcases rolling on the ground is incredibly calming
    It will be sorely missed