Things I Do When Staying at My Parents That I Would Never Do Otherwise

I spend a good chunk of my year spending time at my parents. Being an unmarried teacher I have lots of breaks and use the time to mooch free groceries 2500 miles outside of Los Angeles
  1. Wear clogs out of the house. I am currently waiting for a bang trim, piggy backing on my dads appointment. He's retired and makes 6 p.m. haircuts on a Tuesday.
  2. Wear yoga pants as regular pants and see no issue with it. Black is slimming.
  3. Eat. Constantly. It's not my fault my parents stock the kitchen with all my favorite childhood foods.
  4. Go natural when it comes to make up. Los Angeles requires it even for the grocery store.
  5. Watch the news. The news makes me angry and I prefer to read it. My parents have the tv on a timer for the news. Not really but it wouldn't surprise me.
  6. Find random things in the trash. Me: why is this in the trash? Sister: dad found it, didn't know what it was. Me: it's the inside of the DustBuster.... Maybe we should put it back together?
  7. Watch football. I have a strong dislike for football. I like jigsaw puzzles. It's a good excuse to not watch football.
  8. Drink bottles of wine. Plural. Anywhere else? I sip at best.