After thinking having a baby wouldn't really change me...
  1. My super cute sleek phone case for my gold iPhone - replaced by a big ol' otter box. This thing needs to be battle ready now.
  2. The mom car. I loved my non-fancy, red, and deceptively roomy Saturn. Now I have a non-fancy, grey, and deceptively NON-roomy Escape.
  3. T.v. Ok I knew I would watch less tv but I never thought I would get 3 episodes into season six of GoT and 2 into The Walking Dead and just give up. Also I now hear the Harry the Bunny theme song in my sleep.
  4. The mom haircut. Hell yes I chopped off my long hair! That stuff was slowly turning into dreads (too slowly). Gave up and went in for the chop this week. Just glad I didn't do it myself!
  5. My relationship with my husband. He suddenly seems like a big, needy, infant. Just not as cute. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"
  6. My definition of love. Cheesy? Maybe but 100% true.
  7. BONUS ITEM - my ability to count or think at all really. I keep telling her "mommy used to be smart!"