The InStyle Social Media Awards launched recently and of all the categories, this is my favorite and the most difficult to choose! Which of these ladies will get the honor? Visit and vote here!
  1. Amy Schumer
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    The star’s social posts are anything but a trainwreck: Hilarious one-liners, selfies with Lebron, and retweets of fans who were super-stoked to see her movies all make up her feed, but really, what we love is how she reminds us to laugh off the haters, like when she gleefully reposts articles criticizing that she dared eat a pastry in public to her 1.1+ million Instagram followers and 1.6 million+ Twitter-ers.
  2. Caitlyn Jenner
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    When Jenner joined Twitter in June, the former track champ broke another record when she reached one million followers in just over four hours, leaving President Obama’s previous record in the dust. She’s since amassed more than 2.8 million followers (plus another 3.5 million on Instagram), where her feeds are filled with reminders of the struggles transgender individuals face—and reminders that their lives can be filled with just as much sunshine and smiles as everyone else’s.
  3. Mindy Kaling (@mindy)
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    Shoes, skirts, and (fake) pregnancy progress shots, Kaling’s 4.35 million Twitter and 1.7 million Instagram followers get a firsthand view of The Mindy Project star’s growing career. This is the kind of girl who isn’t too cool to snap a shot of herself on a security monitor—or steal a selfie with new costar Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And anytime she pops a tweet about the weirdness in the world around her (or the disastrous date at the table next to her), we’re giving it a like.
  4. Lady Gaga
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    Whether she’s rocking larger-than-life style on stage, sweating at the gym as she preps for her upcoming role in American Horror Story, or rolling out of bed like the rest of us, the pop superstar’s social feeds remind her 49.5 million Twitter followers and 9.7 million ‘grammers that even the littlest of monsters can feel proud that they were born this way.
  5. Laverne Cox
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    The Orange Is The New Black star takes to Instagram to show off her red carpet style, sneak some onset selfies and even snap a shot next to her own Madame Tussauds wax statue. On Twitter, her 470,000+ followers can keep up with the latest news as she spreads the word about the fight for civil rights and transgender equality, and reminds struggling youth that it does, in fact, get better.