We live in Maplewood, NJ, an amazing little hamlet outside of NYC that attracts diverse families with artistic bents looking to raise their kids somewhere with good schools and front yards. But let's be honest: it is a rosy colored bubble.
  1. We call it a tug-o-peace
    At a recent elementary school field day, kids engaged not in a tug-o-war, but a tug of peace. Everyone won and embraced when it was over.
  2. Lemonade stands have a mission.
    We saw one recently that was putting its funds towards helping imprisoned journalists, along with a sign that said "follow us on Instagram"
  3. Halloween gets renamed
    It's "Fall Celebration Day," no costumes allowed, at another elementary school. Don't want to offend anyone's religious beliefs with ghosts and Power Rangers
  4. Kindergarten protest art
    The art theme for our girl's kindergarten class? Protest art. She made a poster that said "don't squish" bugs, something I have to say she believes in theory but does not practice!
  5. Gluten free birthday cakes
    The bakery treats brought in to celebrate would pass nearly any diet's muster. Are there Palio cupcakes yet?