Some of the things I will miss about working at InStyle

Three amazingly collaborative, innovative, glitter-filled years at InStyle and came to a close for me the other day. Some things about the place are already causing pangs of longing in my heart...
  1. A commute home that looked like this.
    NY Waterway, I am your biggest fan.
  2. Launching super cool new things like this.
    We made not one, not two, but THREE VR films the past year.
  3. Working with this guy: @ArielFoxman
    (This was from our first round in 2000 at the Sundance Film Fest)
  4. Epic beauty sales.
    These are some of my favorite scores.
  5. The occasional Unami burger for lunch.
    A $14 burger worth every penny.
  6. And of course, the best team in publishing.
    You know who you are. Xoxo