Things I Will Miss About Working in the Time-life Building/rock Center

This Friday, October 30th InStyle magazine is moving out of its home of 21 years -- the iconic Time Life Building in Rockefeller Center to a spanking new location downtown. Though I won't miss plowing through crowds of selfie-taking tourists, there are plenty of things I am already feeling pangs of nostalgia for...
  1. Spotting NBC stars during lunch
    Hoda, was that you in the revolving door today?
  2. The roast chicken sandwich from Wichcraft
    With broccoli rabe. Perfection.
  3. MoMA drivebys
    With my membership card I can zip through lines and take in a bit of culture in minutes. (The Picasso sculpture show is amazing, btw.)
  4. Getting Bway tickets right from the theaters' box offices
    Save that ticketmaster fee and be spontaneous. I like to get solo seats for Tuesday night shows.
  5. Watching the tree go up
    You know it's the holidays when...
  6. Working across the street from Simon & Schuster
    My dear friend Laurent Linn works there and sometimes we slip away for lunch.
  7. Recreating scenes from Rosemary's Baby
    Tho, this is tricky cause there are no pay phones any more.
  8. Doing my best Peggy Olsen
    The Mad Men era is truly over.
  9. Quick shopping fixes
    Zara, Uniqlo, H&M have all been a short stroll away. No more impulse buys.
  10. The Lego Store
    My 7 year old is my excuse but I secretly love going there.