This may be the only spontaneous list I create. Don't hold me too accountable, please. Chime in if you suffer from same.
  1. The List is an editor's dream app.
    You mean I can sleep on my List before sharing with the world? Yes, please! But often, that sleep is eye opening in more ways than one. It may inject some self doubt on what was previously a sharply composed pile of wit.
  2. You can always make it better.
    Fine List-ing is a craft, as is word choice. Are you ever really ever finished making a List all that it can be, @Nicholas ?
  3. Maybe I should save this for my book...
    You know, the one I am supposed to be writing before by kid wakes up in the morning, before I start my demanding (but fun) job, the one that is just a germ of an idea, still. Advice @bjnovak?
  4. Did I mention self-doubt?