1. It is easy to picture him as an 8 year old.
    You may have met in your 30s, but understanding your guy's childhood obsessions helps. Put a light saber in his hand and watch the years roll away.
  2. Seeing him cry when he watches the trailer for New Awakening is adorable
    My husband cried reading about Kevin Smith crying when he visited the set. He cried when he saw the trailer. He cried watching a Target as last night. And I have to say, it is pretty darn cute watching him get so emotional.
  3. One costume will satisfy his sexual fantasies.
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    Save this one for an anniversary he won't forget. Don't worry you don't have to wear it in public, and honest: he won't care if you don't look like a young Carrie Fisher.
  4. You always know what Target aisle to find him in
    It is a homing beacon that never fails. Head to the Star Wars toys.
  5. Your kids will have fun playing with his toys, one day.
    Even if your kids don't love Star Wars as much as their dad, his enthusiasm will be contagious and they will delight in seeing him get silly and make Chubaka growls
  6. They are taking us to the movies this weekend!
    Yes, The Force is finally opening. Raise your hand if you have plans with your guy to see it on the 18th.