1. Based off the background, I think I'm at a Halloween party where I dressed as Stevie Nicks. My eye shadow looks great though.
  2. If you ever go to the Broad, take the stairs when you head back down to the first floor. You'll find that they just have a ton of art work stored for the next rotation, totes casual. Apparently this fascinates only me.
  3. Another Halloween photo. I went to Honeycut in DTLA and ran into this great dude dressed as the Weeknd. He committed to the role and I had to take a selfie.
  4. This is an old photo from last year, I think? Yet for some reason it's still on my phone. I debuted my amazing Marge Simpson top at Good Times at Davey Wayne's. Blurry but still great.
  5. This photo is from when I was in New York and I asked the staff at our hotel if I could get another blanket because I'm a child of Southern California and cannot handle 50 degree nights. They gave me this amazing camel colored blanket that I turned into a Kardashian-inspired coat. Pretty sure I nailed it.