Inspired by @strandbookstore
  1. Static
    My dad and I love the Things White Folks Like twitter account, so I screenshotted this to show him
  2. Static
    I took a "which mindy project character are you" quiz on buzzfeed, and I GOT MINDY!! Most exciting moment of my life, I had to screen grab.
  3. Static
    The tumblr notification made me smile
  4. Static
    Butterbeer ingredients! I'm having a Harry Potter marathon with my dad tomorrow night, and this is clearly the only way to celebrate
  5. Static
    I lost my mind laughing at this, so I had to screenshot
  6. Static
    My sister snapped me this picture of our dog
  7. Static
    These were the available seats for a showing of IT my friend and I wanted to go to and I wanted to know which seats she’d prefer