I saw the show on August 1st 2017. These moments aren't exactly in order of appearance in the show, but just as they occurred to me.
  1. The miming of his cousin's suicide at the line "the cousin committed suicide"
    The actor stood up on a chair and wrapped his hands in a motion around his head to imitate hanging. It was incredibly powerful without being gratuitous.
  2. The absolute deafening applause at Hamilton's first entrance
  3. Watching Eliza emerge from the back of the stage with the lantern before singing Burn
  4. The rewinding in Satisfied
    This was one of the nuances I was excited to see live. I was always curious about how this was done while listening to the soundtrack, but it was perfect
  5. Hamilton trying to stop Seabury from speaking during Farmer Refuted
    Absolutely hysterical, he kept trying to block him from the pedestal- the audience died at "don't modulate the key then not debate with me"
  6. King George dancing manically and cackling at the line "never gonna be president now"
    Everything with King George was perfect to be honest
  7. The audience's reaction to "immigrants: we get the job done". There was practically a full minute of cheering and clapping
    This might've been the most incredible live theatre audience reaction I've ever witnessed