TV Episodes That Made Me Cry

Included with each is an explanation of what made me cry. Most of these shows have more than one episode that made me cry, but I just included one for each show (the one that made me cry the hardest)
  1. Losing My Religion, Grey's Anatomy
    Izzie lying there in her pink dress is way too much for me.
  2. Lorelai's Graduation, Gilmore Girls
    When Rory is explaining why she didn't come to the graduation I cried really hard for some reason
  3. When Mindy Met Danny, The Mindy Project
    When Mindy is crying against the door I absolutely lose it.
  4. Who's Dead?, How to Get Away with Murder
    The big reveal, and then Laurel sobbing in the hospital bed ruined me
  5. Goodbye, Michael, The Office
    "Best boss I ever had"
  6. San Junipero, Black Mirror
    I got real misty eyed when Kelly and Yorkie fight on the beach and Kelly storms off