Reasons to Tip 30% to Your Server This Holiday Season

My friend Kate and I want to start a revolution. All holiday season, tip service industry workers 30% instead of 20%. If you like this idea, please share it!
  1. Servers work damn hard
  2. They may not get as much quality time with their friends and family during the holidays because they are working. For you. Bringing you yummy food and drinks.
  3. They make very little hourly. In most states it's only $2.13. (Source:
  4. They don't receive healthcare from their employers. Except in very rare cases.
  5. They are unable to depend on a consistent wage.
  6. Some people don't believe in tipping. Even if they received excellent service, some people don't tip or tip less than they should.
  7. You used to work in the service industry and know what it's like.
  8. You've never worked in the service industry and have no idea what it's like.
  9. It's the right thing to do to bring a little holiday cheer to someone you don't know.
  10. You have a favorite server that deserves a holiday bonus.
  11. You are a good person and have a good heart.