New Shows I'm Super Into Right Now

Inspired by @bjnovak!
  1. Blindspot: NBC
    WHY IS HIS NAME TATTOOED ON HER BACK?! The chemistry between Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton is so real, and Ashley Johnson's Patterson provides lots of comic relief. So many mysteries! So many tattoos!
  2. Wicked City: ABC
    Granted, it just premiered last week but I watched the pilot last night and holy hell I'm hooked. Ed Westwick as a serial killer is weirdly arousing. And the throwback songs are killer (no pun intended). I'm a sucker for "Tainted Love."
  3. Supergirl: CBS
    It's about time Melissa Benoist has her spotlight! She was immensely underrated on Glee, and now she's flying back into my heart as Supergirl. And if her character ever has the opportunity for karaoke, I'm totally there.
  4. Limitless: CBS
    Jake McDormand is such a cutie and the premise is super (even though I fell asleep during the movie...I was flying from London to NY okay). Bradley Cooper's guest appearances are not bad either.
  5. Grandfathered: FOX
    John Stamos as Josh Peck's dad is everything I never knew I wanted.
  6. The Grinder: FOX
    Rob Lowe kills it as an actor who played a lawyer on TV and now thinks he can be a real lawyer like his brother. He's ridiculous in the very best way.
  7. Scream Queens: FOX
    Can Ryan Murphy do any wrong?! This cast is flawless, the satire is obvious and hilarious, and it's just a fun time. Best enjoyed while sipping a piping hot pumpkin spice latte.
  8. American Horror Story - Hotel: FX
    Again, can Ryan Murphy please just fail for once? Obviously Lady Gaga is the queen and Matt Bomer is also everything. It's creepy and confusing and wild and crazy.