1. PBA Tonight
  2. Chapel -- pastor Bernie 👏🏻
  3. the amazing professors
  4. my friends
  5. the break room in Okeechobee Hall
  6. having a Chick fil A within walking distance
  7. buying mints at The Pod
  8. not eating at the caf...ever
  9. the library and all of its wonders
  10. specifically the third floor and how quiet it is
  11. finding a prime spot in either the commuter lot or in front of the gym
  12. the water coolers in Pembroke and Okeechobee
  13. various displays on the Rinker Green
  14. such as a wrecked car during Alcohol Awareness Week
  15. having class in the Rinker Pit
  16. commuter lockers ❤️
  17. nearly stumbling into giant lizards
  18. getting out of the Catholic chapel 15 minutes early
  19. free ice in Okeechobee Hall
  20. the rolly chairs in Okeechobee Hall
  21. basically all of Okeechobee Hall
  22. the music in Einstein's
  23. seeing a multitude of Enos outside of Baxter
  24. not knowing where dorms are
  25. seeing longboards everywhere (but I won't miss avoiding them)
  26. people walking around barefoot
  27. I'll even kinda miss annoying listservs