I know a thing or two about a thing or two
  1. Album tracklists
    When I listen to songs, they just feel like a "number seven song" or "number four song" because I just know tracklists
  2. My Chemical Romance
    All-time favorite band. Can quote whole interviews. Know tons of random facts.
  3. The Titanic
    When I was in second grade, I was OBSESSED with the Titanic. My parents bought me five very dense books for Christmas that year. One of those weird childhood fascinations
  4. Softball/baseball
    I played for 11 years and could play it in my sleep
  5. Separable differentiation
    That was my BITCH when I took calc junior year of high school
  6. My Tempurpedic
    I don't have one, but it was relevant, I thought