1. Ross Lynch has a girlfriend
    2011-2015 me is crying
  2. The Browns still suck
    I mean, nothing more was expected
  3. I still have acne
  4. We still don't know if aliens exist
  5. People still like Jennifer Lawrence
  6. Guacamole still costs extra
  7. ZAYN
  8. The boy I've had a secret and distant crush on since January has the personality of a soggy wet noodle
  9. The boy I've had a not as secret and not as distant crush on since September won't say hi even though we acknowledge each other's existence
  10. Junk food is still bad for you
  11. All Republican presidential debates
  12. Adele's album
  13. Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show
  14. People still think The Big Bang Theory is the funniest show on television