I get bored and like to make up drama
  1. My neighbors are running a chop shop
    A married couple does not need a four car garage. There are always other people over, but they never go inside. Either on the driveway or in the garage. Bring around multiple trailers and old cars.
  2. The Kardashians are the Romanovs reincarnated.
    Their country both hates/is enamored with them. From similar areas of the world (Russia/Armenia) Olga, Tatiana, Maria are Kourtney, Kim, Khloe. Alexei is Rob. ANASTASIA IS STILL MISSING PEOPLE
  3. My new manager and assistant manager are in on some grand heist
    They like to pull each other aside a lot in vague ways (i.e. "Can I see you over here for a sec?" or "I've got something I want you to see in the back room"). Lots of whispering, and it's not about me because I'm a good employee. Obsessively checking sales and daily projections, thus limiting the chance for them to make an oblivious mistake