It's a good one this year
  1. 3:30 am - go to bed, the most intoxicated I've been in a long time
    Make sure my alarm is set for 6:20 because store opens at 8
  2. 7:16 am - wake up, still drunk, realize it is an hour past 6:20
  3. 7:16:00:001 am
    Sprint out of bed, put on shorts and a hoodie
  4. 7:17 am - go to the bathroom and convince myself I have time to change tampon and brush teeth
    It was a hard sell
  5. 7:18 am - run back to my room, throw my hair up, put shoes on
  6. 7:19 am - run out the door - literally - because I thought it would be a good idea to take a morning jog whilst drunk to get there
  7. 7:24 am - get there, receive strange looks because a slightly disoriented blonde girl who was just jogging joined the line
  8. 7:30 am - I am no longer the last in line. I'm like 10th in line. Woman behind me is wearing chacos, smells of cigarettes, and won't stop taking pictures of the sign
  9. 7:38 am - owner of store brings out DONUTS
    Still drunk me is LOVIN it
  10. 7:42 am - I REALLY need to poop, but I've given in to the whims of capitalism and need to buy some records
  11. 7:45 am - like REALLY bad and I want another donut
  12. 7:46 am - ok you need to hold it, Angelia, keep it in! I understand how much alcohol you had last night, but your body's seen worse. Keep it the FUCK together
  13. 7:49 am - owner of the store comes around again with donuts, I resist, somehow.
    He starts explaining to us how the store's organized. Listen pal, I'm not a fucking rookie. I'm here every week
  14. 7:53 am - children run by with their parents. I hope they pooped before they left. I also really hope they're not drunk
  15. 7:56 am - I have a hair in my mouth now and I can't seem to locate it and get it out.
    I could choke. I could throw up that donut
  16. 7:57 am - found it, but not ALL of it
    I could still choke. I could still throw up that donut
  17. 7:59 am - SOOOOoOoo close
  18. 8:01 am - I am in and I nabbed one of the 7" I wanted
  19. 8:06 am - There are lots of bearded men here. I still need to poop
  20. 8:23 am - I'm still dawdling around the store. Picking up and putting back things I don't need
  21. 8:35 am - I am in line to check out
    Decided on one RSD release and an album I've been putting off buying on vinyl for about three years
  22. 8:42 am - Warner Bros. is giving out goodie bags with a bunch of free shit and CDs and stickers and posters and I didn't sign up for this but i don't care
  23. 8:45 am - waiting outside a local donut shop for my friend so she doesn't have to walk of shame all the way home
  24. 9:10 am - I am home and happy and ready to listen to my jamz
  25. Static
  26. Static
  27. Static
  28. Static
  29. SUCCESS!!!