1. Wake up - usually around 8:30, depends on when I have class
  2. Go to the bathroom, brush my teeth
  3. Get back in bed
  4. Check Twitter
  5. Then Instagram
  6. Snapchat
    All stories and Buzzfeed/Food Network/Tastemade Discovers
  7. Timehop
  8. Pinterest
  9. Facebook
  10. List App
  11. Open laptop
  12. Go through tumblr until I get to the post I left off on the night before
  13. Check blog analytic
  14. Avoid grade book
    I only check my grades at 9 pm on Fridays, so if there's anything bad I can drink to forget
  15. Scroll bloglovin
    two blogs of note: Half Baked Harvest and Brain Pickings
  16. Do daily crosswords
    USA Today, Yahoo, Washington Post, LA Times (ALWAYS IN THIS ORDER)
  17. Go to the kitchen and make breakfast
    Sometimes I do this before crosswords and eat whilst doing them
  18. Check all social media again
  19. Get out of bed
  20. Get dressed
  21. Brush hair
  22. Do makeup
  23. Pack backpack
  24. Take breakfast dishes to kitchen and throw them in the sink
  25. Put on shoes, coat
  26. Leave house
    Honestly, my mornings are so calming