I started crying trying to think of one moment because I come home from college on Tuesday, and I can't wait to spend the whole summer with my family again
  1. Like any kids, my brothers and I would spend all of our summer days outside
    I'm the oldest, but I've always gotten along with the two of them like best friends.
  2. Our home we grew up in had a huge front yard, enough to play soccer or a game of wiffle ball
  3. Our yard was also between two small gullies and trees
    We'd build forts and pretend we lived in our own little village. The dream.
  4. We'd get out there at 9 in the morning and play in our little forest houses and then move on to soccer
    We'd run in for lunch and Popsicles, with our feet dirtying the foyer wood, much to our mom's dismay
  5. We'd often spend the rest of the day playing wiffle ball
    We'd use frisbees for bases and waste so much time running to get every pitch because it would roll away across the driveway behind home plate
  6. If it was Sunday, the ice cream truck would come by around 6
    We'd hurry upstairs, shake out a few dollars and buy something
  7. As it started to get dark, our parents would come out and make a fire on the front patio
    If we were lucky, there'd be marshmallows and smores
  8. We'd all sit around and talk and catch lightning bugs and maybe play some more wiffle ball
  9. We no longer live in that house, and our new yard is nowhere near that large
  10. And we're all older now
    I'm one year removed from graduating college, my brother is off to Yale in the fall, and our baby brother is going to be a sophomore in high school - even though he'll always be 5 to us
  11. Things have changed. I notice my parents aging every time I go home
  12. That terrifies me, but I guess I'm getting older too
  13. But in that moment, with our dirty feet and sticky fingers, we are all still young
  14. And that's all that will ever matter